grooveTEK is Morpheus and BuddhaBoy. In 1999 we met at an Internet startup and became fast friends through our love of music. We have been involved with artistic endeavors in one form or another throughout ours lives.


I was born in  Dacca, Bangladesh (South East of Asia). I was a very skinny and quiet boy. One day my dad changed my life by asking me to assist him with his home project and please keep in mind that I was only four years old at the time. I asked him what he was doing and how long will it take to complete this home project. He replied and told me that we will be the first electric guitar makers in Dacca and it will take three months to build the first guitar. I was so excited to build play the guitar but I was waiting, waiting and patience was running out. I just wanted to play the guitar and it was taking us so much time to get the job done. My dad was able to get the guitar work done and he gave it to me and I played it a lot and suddenly I was able to pickup rhythm but I never got to the level where I wanted to be, but again I was only 4 years old. It was my first exposure to a musical instrument and I’ll never forget about the experience playing and learning. My dad had other plans for me. He wanted me to focus more on English and Mathematics, less with the electric guitar.

My family and I immigrated to the United States when I was eleven years old and we lived in Wilmington, Delaware. After four years, we moved to Long Island, New York. For the next eighteen years I lived in New York and attended one of the top ten engineering universities in the States at Brooklyn, New York. I earned my B.S. Degree in Computer Engineering with a Computer Science minor and in 1987 I got my first job on Wall Street, in New York City, working as a server software development engineer.

While I was living in New York, I explored several rave dance clubs and attended electronica experimental sessions in Greenwich Village in downtown New York City. I also made several trips to Manchester, England and attended the annual rave parties where I began to build up a passion for Electronica / Dance music. I moved away from Pop music at that stage and never looked back.

After I got married, I moved to Boston, MA because my wife didn’t want to live in New York.  I didn’t mind moving to Boston because I got a great job with a financial services company. I stayed with that company for two years and then joined a seven person online company as a principle engineer. BuddhaBoy and I met at the same online company and we became very good friends. One day, BuddhaBoy introduced me to an application called Soundforge’s ACID where you can compose music in matter of minutes with sampled loops. Boy, I was hooked on that application for over a year and learned it thoroughly. It was a great period of time for me, just as when my father gave me an electric guitar to play with. I produced my first album, Transatlantic Movement, under artist name xSampler. I put it up my album on the MP3.com site in 1999 and I got some great reviews from people all around the world.

After the collapse of MP3.com and Napster, music fans faced with no good music produced by independent artists. BuddhaBoy and I started to talk with various DJs and artists to try and find a way to provide free music to a mass audience and at the same time promote talented people. We got tremendous positive feedback but the eight hundred pound gorilla didn’t wanted to move due to distribution challenges to a mass audience. Suddenly one day, the Holy Grail landed at our feet and it was called the PODCAST. The boat was finally moving and we formed grooveTEK electronica music in 2005 and our first podcast show was released on October 16, 2005. We promoted various artists over two year period and it was a very enjoyable experience. A great deal of positive feedback came from people, all around the world, which gave us a much needed boost during those times.  Unfortunately, we had to discontinue our podcast due to additional work and personal responsibilities.  Now, we’re back and we plan on producing more great electronica music with much, much more.

We’re kicking off the grooveTEK electronica music podcast show in the fall of 2009. The grooveTEK.net BETA site is up and running now.  We’re planning on creating new musical and film related content in addition to our tried and true podcast.  BuddhaBoy and I closed one chapter in 2007 and in 2009 we’re going to start a new one. Please join us for the rebirth of the grooveTEK Electronica Music podcast show. I’d like to tell everyone that we need your support. Come join us and reignite grooveTEK electronica music just the way you did in the fall of 2005.  Peace……………….


I grew up in  Boston, Roslindale for you locals, MA. In 4th grade, I took guitar lessons with Sister Cornelius, fell in love with music, both listening and playing and never looked back. By the time I was eighteen I was playing bass in a band named Shadowfax; at least I think that was the name. It’s been a while. During that same time, I also became interested in 35mm photography.

During my college years I continued to hone my skills in both. I explored black and white photography and took jazz guitar lessons at the N.E.C..  I was solo then. I built a small home studio and experimented with blending many disparate genres, from fingerstyle acoustic guitar to industrial electronica, with the idea of producing something new. I released a couple of electronica tracks under the name Bad Bamboo and continued playing bass with my band, The Red Herring. You can find some tunes from both endeavors on the garageband or acidplanet websites if you’re interested. Recently I finished my Master’s degree in film, which has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. I continue to blend.

In 2005, after too many discussions, we launched the grooveTEK website and podcast. You can download those classic podcasts on this site or by subscribing to grooveTek electronica music on iTunes. We wanted to produce a program featuring the music of independent artists, a new mix we called it, “politica and electronica.” Indie artist possess an edge to their work, a passion that we understand as independent artists ourselves – it’s a labor of love. The emphasis was to be electronica with a little political commentary thrown in for good measure but as you can hear we explored all genres if the mix worked. We produced forty podcasts in the next couple of years until real life knocked once again. We planned on taking a short break to catch up with family and friends and finish some side work on projects that had been accumulating. The bad news is that break turned into two years; the good news is that we are back – that’s right baby, back!

Join us in reactivating our dream and supporting indie media.

So you say you want a revolution.

All you need do is shake them off!

Sincerely Yours,

Morpheus | BuddhaBoy @ grooveTEK electronica music

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